Randomly, when the mood strikes and the stars align, Camille offers courses through a series called #TheWrightWay.

- Digital Marketing #TheWrightWay,

- Camille's Calendar Class,

- Relationship Marketing #TheWrightWay,

- Social Networking #TheWrightWay,

- Personal Branding #TheWrightWay,

- Monetizing Your Social Networks #TheWrightWay

These courses are designed to help entrepreneurs,

thought leaders, influencers, and taste makers become

more efficient and effective strategists & marketers.

To Camille, time is one's most valuable asset and helping

others learn ways to manage their time wisely while

reaching goals is one of the greatest gifts she can give.

Class attendees include everyone from beauty pros,

insurance professionals, nonprofit owners, etc. Camille

believes in teaching methods anyone can adapt to

produce good fruit.