Camille Wright

Camille Wright

an experienced and influential thought leader

in the areas of branding, digital marketing, communications, and product development who specializes in Beauty and Personal Care. Camille enjoys crafting authentic campaigns and

strategies to reach consumers in meaningful,

cost conscious, and efficient ways.

Creator of

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Camille Wright

SVP of Marketing and Brand Management

for the Hollywood Beauty Division
House of Cheatham, LLC.

Frequent Collaborators

"Please do not let my bio deceive you. My accomplishments would be far less without the team of collaborators I've been blessed to meet along the way. Visit "Frequent Collaborators" to see a list of professionals with whom I've worked for at least one year." - Camille

A native Memphian, Camille earned a bachelor's degree from Rhodes College supplemented through British Studies at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Oxford | St. John's College, a master's from Christian Brothers University, and a Certificate of Marketing Strategy from eCornell where she regularly enrolls for professional development.

House of Cheatham

At the start of 2022, Camille transitioned from being head of Marketing for Ampro Industries, Inc., to leading Marketing and Brand Management for Hollywood Beauty, Inc.,  Working with and learning from such an experienced team was the delight of her career. Hollywood Beauty is a leader in multi-cultural beauty and provided moisturizing and conditioning products to the community for over thirty years. In March 2022, Hollywood Beauty, Inc., merged with House of Cheatham, Inc., to form House of Cheatham, LLC.  Camille now leads the Hollywood Beauty Division at House of Cheatham, LLC., where she is responsible for the Hollywood Beauty® and Kuza® brands.

From being on the box ...Ampro Industries, Inc.

Wright began her work at Ampro Industries, Inc., as a product model and seasonal employee in the Marketing Department.  After demonstrating a love for and understanding of the unique multi-cultural beauty industry, Camille was offered the position of Community Relations Manager.  In this role, she managed the company's philanthropic efforts, created community partnerships, and introduced the company to care campaigns.  

Early on, Camille was promoted to Vice President of Public Relations and Social Networking.  As VP, she tailored the company's messaging to focus on consumers, launched Ampro's social networks, consumer facing website, and digital marketing efforts. A B2B company for most of its history, it's been Camille's vision to bring life and personality to Ampro and its brands - helping it  connect with end users, stand strong among industry disrupters, and remain a relevant industry leader.

Through highly targeted, local community partnerships, celebrated brand ambassadorships, collaborations with industry influencers, and global organizations like Until There's a Cure, Parkinson's Disease Foundation, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Camille's work has helped position Ampro as a trusted company who cares about the community and the people who keep its brands the fastest selling in the U.S.  

to branding the box!

After a number of years, all of the company's marketing efforts were placed under Camille's purview when she was named Vice President of Marketing and Communications.  In this position, she became responsible for every segment of the marketing funnel for each product offered through each of Ampro's, then, six brands.


Camille worked to develop eye-catching advertising campaigns and unique 360 marketing strategies that carried the consumer from awareness to advocacy.  Her aim to highlight and reflect the beauty of consumers resulted in record engagement across all markets and award winning campaigns.  

Adding distinction to Ampro's many products in a crowded marketplace is, in itself a lofty goal, but doing at it with an aim to defy conventional beauty standards - in an effort to help the consumer see his/her beauty is a challenge Camille pushes to exceed

with every campaign.  Wright dares to push boundaries others may not realize exist, but praise garnering results have proven her efforts and her worth.

Ever the relationship builder, Camille, colleague Tricia Snead, and Stasha Harris of @MagicFingersStudio worked to create Shine 'n Jam® Magic Fingers™ for Braiders - an award winning product that has broken industry records since its release in 2018.  Through its success, the success of Stasha's starring role in Cosmopolitan's The Braid Up, the Shine 'n Jam® Braid Tour, and collaborations with top braiding influencers throughout the U.S., Shine 'n Jam® Magic Fingers has grown into a full collection (released in 2020)  that is set to become the standard for professional braiders around the world.

Just before the onset of the Pandemic of 2020, Camille was named Senior Vice President for Brand, Marketing, and Communications and Director of New Product Development for Ampro. Before her departure, she was responsible for Ampro's eight brands and, for each, all products from idea to launch, awareness to loyalty.  Her leap to Hollywood Beauty - now House of Cheatham, LLC, pushed her from the styling category to treatments, and Wright is bringing the same passion with her.  Her goal is  to keep pushing her brands forward through product innovation, progressive branding, awe-inspiring collaborations, and by always listening to her consumers.


what's MATTERS most

"You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God." – 2 Corinthians 9:11

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